Coffee, coffee it is!

So, I woke up with literally no work for my day. I thought it had to be one of the stay in days when I could be lazy as much as I wanted to. I don’t know what got into me that I decided I’ll have some iced tea to beat the heat. My first mistake. I mean why would I even think that? Coffee is the ultimate answer, then why even bother?

As if that didn’t satisfy me to spoil the morning that I wanted to give it a twist, a watermelon ice tea! I have tried this drink a lot many times, at stores and even at home. I have even made it myself but then if you want to beat it over coffee then it is going to fail you.

I made it as I used to always, but one sip and I could tell that adding watermelon was my second mistake.

One thing I guess everyone hates is their morning being ruined specially the one where you don’t have any work; it’s your basically off day at work.

And then I left it. I just could not drink it.

After I read all the newspapers scattered on my tea table, it was time to do something. And what else could it be than making me a warm cup of coffee. Summers or winters, I know I can’t stay without coffee!

Thankfully the cup of coffee didn’t betray me.

Hope you have a wonderful start to the week!


40 thoughts on “Coffee, coffee it is!

      1. Yes kudos to you really!! As for me, my brain is asleep for a longer time while i walk around sleepishly so it’s a herculean effort to start thinking of alternatives if anything spoils the usual!! 😄

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  1. Without some cups of coffee I can’t get in order in the morning…I drink coffee only until 12 A.M. but from 3 to 5 cups… I do not think it is unhelathy… Healthy… How much and at what time?


  2. I haven’t tried that watermelon 🍉 tea yet as tea is never in my hit list and never tasted too. So, eventually it’s the black coffee ☕ with which everyday starts (all 365 days) and I am just craving for that must needed holiday hopefully June will be spent on the bank of Sentosa Beach but before that these exams… Hope you have a wonderful day

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      1. I am from Indonesia mrs, It turns out we are still an Asian region, I hope we can make friends even if only through a blog the distance is not the right reason to separate the fabric of good cooperation, nice to meet you.
        Best regards : Widia Mulyani

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