Unending Desire

We might have so much, almost everything,

And yet we pine for the only thing that we cannot have!

Is it just me or the human nature after all?



51 thoughts on “Unending Desire

  1. Yes it’s human nature..but it varies for everyone…some won’t get satisfied,some stop after getting what they want..but everyone want something..because we are humans and we have desire..soo but we have moniter and keep limits.otherwise we will end up in hell of things

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  2. Like Gandhi said there is enough and bountiful left for our needs but never enough for our greeds,it’s just basic human nature to crave for the forbidden fruits and pine for those that we don’t have πŸ˜₯

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    1. I understand, that stop has to come now for me. That desire has to stop. That urge for wanting it all has to come to an end, else as you say there will be no contentment.
      Thank you for your wise words dear.


  3. its a chain, right?
    the fulfilment of one desire leads to creation of another, the more you think or work about it, the more involved one gets in the worldly affairs, I guess that’s why ascetics don’t have desires or at least they don’t want them fulfilled!!

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  4. There are times when we don’t value things we have and we need things beyond our reach, though for that moment. And once we get it we need something else.. the desires continue.. like the small child who will desperately cry for a particular doll, u buy it an give it then in two days he does not even look at tat..

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Your perception holds importance for me.

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