Importance of Language

Ever wondered, what if there was no language?

What if we humans too would depend on only sign language and sounds like other beings?

Would everything will be simpler or more complex?

Would communication be any simpler with lesser options, or would it be more demanding?

What if there were no words, and only feelings?


51 thoughts on “Importance of Language”

  1. Language is important as it is a framework… And without language I don’t think that expressing would be so easy…
    But on the other hand, if language was not there then restrictions and biased people wouldn’t be there….
    So it has its own benefits and catches. .

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  2. Like using telepathy without using language.sounds interesting.Especially there is no need of studying languages in school and no need of getting marks.But what of there is no English.We should interact in telepathy WordPress blog then

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  3. With sign language as a source of communication I guess we would be having lesser options. But except that things would be more simpler than complex. World would have to face lesser problems because today the greater problems exist due to the lack of communication and also because of communication of words. On the realistic phase now I would say the magic of words is also important which has a beautiful impact and big space in the world.

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Your perception holds importance for me.

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