And that’s how #4

Since the lousy day was well spent, we planned to go window shopping in the evening. But before that we had the whole day to ourselves.  And we couldn’t just let it pass, right?

So the morning started with a strong cup of coffee, some fresh ftuits and a simple sandwhich. Then we both Mr. R and I gave ourselves two hours each to complete all the important work that we could have, including replying to emails, catching up on work and anything that we could think was important which couldn’t wait till we reached home. Reaching home by the way is still not planned or to say I have no idea when I start my return journey.
As soon as we switched off the work mode, we booted our holiday mode on. Getting ready isn’t any one of us’ thing, so we changed and left in just the little amount of time needed, heading towards where you ask? We had no idea, then.
We walked randomly for about half an hour which brought us to a very classy and oriental restaurant. We knew nothing around, so why not try this out, right?
As it turned out, it was an amazing place. The food was mouth watering, “Full desi khana”. Okay so after a delicious treat we started our roam yet again. And with thay started our shopping spree.
Mr. R is the only person who bears a woman shopping. He is the most patient man I have ever known. We did less of shopping and more of sauntering around. And I cannot explain in any kind of words how much I had fun with this idiot man. And I habe to say I love him for all his stupidity, and kiddishness.
We went about the place till late evening and then finally had the best dessert in the world with the ice, colours, ice cream, nuts, chocolate and what not in it. We could have dined on it.
We were so full that we skipped the dinner and went staright to home. So you think the day ended? Oh no, of course not!
Just when we thought that we’d go off to sleep, we remembered our last night late drive. But today we ditched the drive and walked randomly in the cool fresh air. We went for a long walk in the dead of the night.
Arm in arm we roamed about for a while, sometimes even forgetting our way but finding it ultimately. And that’s how we found our way back to reality.
It was yet another fulfilling day.

And that’s how #3

When we left for another city, we left with a bang. After a tiresome day we enjoyed ourselves with local delicious food accompanied by the coolest fresh air and folk music. Could it be any better? I dont think so.

So the journey ended and Mr. R and I reached ‘our home’ somewhere around late night and extremely early morning. We were dead tired from all the day’s work and the sitting in the car and we just slumped into our beds.
We woke up in the aftrrnoon and still we slumped all day on the couch, watching tv listening to music and getting up only to get food or water. I know I am up for travelling but I guess if I did not have this lousy day, i would exhaustyself completely. So  I guess it was better to at least relax too rather than overdoing it.
We left our place only in the evening to take a walk and get some chilled milk shakes. And we strolled back home. But we just couldn’t contain the boredom so we decided to go for a bike ride  it was cool here and so post dinner, almost after mifnight, we went for a bike ride, at first over speeding on the empty roads but then going completely 20 and 10 kmph only to avoid getting back home early.
While we were driving bsck I saw something disturbing. Two men were riding a bike at 40-50 kmphs but then they were literally dragging a dog along with them, screaming to run faster. We assumed the dog was being trained for some thing but apart from that, I still feel any reason could not justify this behaviour towards the dog.
Anyways we got back home and after a bit of tv watching amd reading we went to bed. I could just say we went to bed, but we did not sleep. We listened to a lot of music, we chatted uncontrolably, laughed at ourselves, brought back memories and then finally dozed off knowing nothing about tomorrow.
And thats how we have fun with each other. Just laughing, talking, and sometimes even staying in. But most of all the company matters.

And that’s how #2

So today was very important, it wad the first reason that the trip was even planned. I am sorry I might keep it a bit vague.

My day started at 7 in the morning. After the long tiring days, I knew this one awaited me too. It hf to be exhausting. But this time I was prepared. I took a long cold shower after which I went to the hotel’s dining room. Bread toast, cornflakes, a cup of coffee and orange juice was served to me even before I told them. I took my time, eating and planning for the day. I was still wondering if Mr. R would make it on time. Mr. R is my buddy, an all time saviour. He lives four hours away from where I have travelled, and the fact that he did travel so much for me, must make it clear that we are special for each other. At least I think so.

I did not call him, I did not want to be a trouble for him, constantly bugging him. I hailed a cab and went to the work myself, and what could  be better thanMr. R waiting for me there.

I am telling you, I understand that that these officials have to follow the rules but sometimes it gets too difficult for us, who do not even understand the basic. I guess they could be more supportive, at least talk politely rather than shouting at us. Still, the people here were way better and helping than some places which clearly were unhospitable to me, always. All the paper work and everything left me busy till 5:30 in the evening after which Mr. R and I went for a cup of coffee.

I was so relieved that a part of the trip was already successful and that someone was with me there. A couple of other works and then we both headed to our hotel. It was dinner time by then o we headed straight to the dining room and ate in peace.

Well, it wasn’t the end though. We left for another place post dinner. And that’s how we went on to meet the other Mr. and Miss’.  I don’t know how it is going to end, but I guess it would be satifactory.

PS: I don’t know how this trip is going to end, but I intend to share it here. Sorry in advance, if this turns out to be a rather unsatisfactory.

A pictorial Journey

One of my friend went on a trip a month back to Darjelling and he sent me few pictures with the intention of making me jealous of not accompanying him in the trip. And he did succeed. Just as I say these pictures I ended up wanting to go there, right away.




I surely missed this trip. But given a chance I will definitely love to go to this place very soon. So would you like to go this place? It’s Darjelling, Gangtok, and other places near by in the North East India.

PC: Yadu Nagar.

I hope you enjoy going on this pictorial journey of this beautiful place.

The alluring Caves

I am reading ‘Passage to India’ by E.M. Forster; well I am only halfway through it and reading it for an assignment. But I have to say it is a deep book that can make anyone think. Okay, I am not doing a book review here so I better get to the point. The point is the caves. Well, as the book says the Marabar Caves are identical and in circular shapes, exactly alike, but they are intense and beautiful. Which reminds me of the caves that the book just compares to Marabar caves, ‘The Elephanta Caves’.

I visited them two years ago and the Facebook just reminded me today with the memories that the social platform cherish. Well they are wonderful, showcasing the idols of Shiva and Parwati. The thing is I had no idea what the caves had in them and what it is to see there until I had actually reached. It was just a boring day in Mumbai when my friends decided to visit the place and honestly, I would have regretted having missed it.

It was a long and arduous journey through local trains, a ferry and then walking for miles but it was all worth it. It was a simple, old, silent place with tourists pouring in and out, but it had an aesthetic quality to it. And we were all awe struck with literally everything there, except the monkeys eating away all our food, snatching away from our hands. I now remember my phone being almost snatched away by one of them, thankfully I had saved it.

Any ways it was an exceptional visit and I got to know the history behind the alluring caves. It’s strange how sometimes we have all the history attached to a simple place. I had remained stunned to see the picture perfect idols of Shiva and Parwati. And despite the years the place still holds it quality. The place is old, very old for all I know but given a chance I would still like to visit it again. It was peaceful. The summer heat had not mattered when the place gave us its own cool shade. I had simply loved it.

I attach a couple of pictures here but I warn they aren’t the best and there is no picture of the inside of caves due to the lack of light.

PS: I will just add a couple of more pictures from internet so that you can see how the place actually looks from inside, in case you haven’t had the chance to visit them.

So of course  the journey stars with Gateway of India



Yes, you get a toy train if you do not want to walk much.

download (1).jpg


The beautiful lake you can see from there. Sadly we can only see it in sun as the place shuts at 5 in the evening, or at least it did when we were there.



Another Nature picture, (I am just obsessed)

images (1).jpg


I say history as there are old weapons too.

download (2).jpg  download (3).jpg


And now some random pictures, some of which are taken from Internet for clearer perspective.

download (1)

download (2)

download (4)

images (1)

images (3)


I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Much love.