Improving oneself

I know, we all want to be perfect, at least I want to be but unfortunately we are all not born seamless and impeccable. Unlike some who are always unsurpassed at almost everything, at least at things where they want to be consummate and matchless; some people like me have to strive and struggle for being just above the level, just overhead the average line. I think few people would relate to this.

I honestly have never been best at anything. I have always had to work hard really hard to prove myself even at the simplest things. A very petty example would be to increase my vocabulary in English, and I have to say that I had taken a small step towards it i.e. solving puzzles. I do this often starting at the base, I wouldn’t even mind if I had to start at Grade 1 of anything if that makes me good at something and why not? It is for my own benefit.

I think that this rather helps me enhancing myself. I know I am not perfect but why not take a tiny step towards it and cherish the journey rather than wining about not being the no 1?

I agree I am not no 1 but I am undeniably not the last. I am somewhere in the midst trying to pull myself out of the utter scuffle between being the best and being the loser. I am trying to improve myself.



Happy Janmashtami

According to the English Calendar today is 25.8.2016 but according to the Hindu Calendar today is ‘Ashtami’. It is the ‘Janmashtami’ of the the  month of ‘Saavan’; the season of monsoon. This day today the cute yet cunning Lord Krishna was born thousands of years ago. (If only the exact date and time could be said; most of the conflicts between a believer and a non-believer could be solved then.)

So those of us who are a strong believer that there is God, we celebrate today at midnight the birth of ‘Kanhaiya’. I, personally; am a person who could do nothing in her life without praying to God and starting something anew without offering her ‘thank you’ to Him. So here I am wanting to be blessed and taken in His care on this day thanking him with my fullest heart for bestowing on me all that He has, a wonderful family, a great set of friends and above all the tiny spot of love in my heart for anything that makes me happy.

Thank You for keeping me alive, hale and hearty and also for all the worries that lingers in my mind as it is partly because of them that I cannot, just cannot think of being away from You. Oh what would happen of me then?

Happy Janmashtami to one and all.

With lots of love and a leaf of Hope that I do something beautiful and satisfying through this blog. May be one day, over the years I could talk into this void and someone will smile because of me. (That would make me really happy.)

"I think Therefore I am" -Cogito Ergo Sum

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